to Larochette by car

  • Larochette-Diekirch (heading north) via N14;
  • Larochette-Mersch (heading west) via CR118;
  • Larochette-Luxembourg City(heading south) via N14;
  • Larochette-Echternach (heading east) via CR118.
  • GPS (place Bleech)
    49.78406, 6.22021 N 49 47.044, E 6 13.213

Google Map Larochette

Public transport (busses)

  • Line 100 from Luxembourg-Station to Diekirch-Station via Larochette;
  • Line 419 from Mersch-Station to Heffingen via Larochette;
  • Line 409 from Mersch-Station to Stegen via Larochette;
  • Line 414 from Larochette to Echternach-Station;
  • Line 416 from Mersch-Station to Echternach via Larochette;
  • Line 504 from Ettelbruck to Haller via Larochette;
  • Line 101 from Luxembourg-Limpertsberg to Ettelbruck via Larochette;
  • Line 506 from Gilsdorf to Diekirch via Larochette;
  • Line 848 from Echternach-Station to GoodYear Tire Plants via Larochette


bummelbus 0


The Bummelbus is a small coach that comes fetch you at home to bring you wherever you want and back. Please call the Bummelbus one day in advance, from 8 to 18, from Monday to Friday under ++352 26803580. 

The Bummelbus is not available on Sundays.

Registration (french)