Although hot air balloons had often been seen before in the skies of Luxembourg, it is only in 1974 that the history of this kind of flying began in the country. Five old friends decided then to leave their planes for hot air balloons and founded the “Commune aérostatique du Grand-Duché de Luxembourg” which has its seat in Larochette.

In 2000, they organized the 12th European Hot Air Balloons Championship around Larochette. This event, combining perfectly high level sport and party, was watched by more than 180,000 spectators. A fascinating “Night Glow” illuminated the “Bleech”.

On an autumn weekend each year, the “Challenge Alfi Feltes” takes place in Larochette. This aerostatical competition, called after its president founder, promotes as well sport and team spirit and hot air balloons competitions. A plane’s propeller, formerly owned by Alfi Feltes, is the intinerant trophy of this event.

You can book hot air balloons’ flights at:
Commune Aérostatique du Grand-Duché de Luxembourg
Tél: 7890751  |  Fax: 789909

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