Castle Meysembourg

Besides the Castle of Larochette, the castle of Meysembourg is also in the commune of Larochette. It is privately owned and can not be visited, but it can be reached by the L2 walk through the magnificent valley of the "Manzebaach".

The actual building was constructed here in 1880 by Prince von Arenberg following the plans of architect Charles Arendt, in a composite Neo-Renaissance style. In 1971 it was bought by actual owner. Only the chapel, the moat, and a portion of the protective wall remain from the original castle.

But the people of Meysembourg, mentioned as early as the 12th century, did not just play a secondary role in the history of the country. A Dame of Meysembourg for example, was the confidante of Countess Ermesinde and a lord of Meysembourg was appointed an executor of wills by John the Blind. Unfortunately, he did not have the opportunity to exercise his function, since he was killed with the blind king on the battlefield at Crécy. The ancient Meysembourg castle was devoured by fire twice but each time rebuilt. Lord Custine from Wiltz was the last descendant, by marriage, of the Meysembourg line. He fled the country in 1794, escaping from the French.

The castle became the property of the Lords of Fischbach, of Cassal, and of Johann-Franz Reuter of Heddersdorf who tore down the adjacent village after he chased away its inhabitants (they mostly emigrated to the United States). Finally it was acquired by the von Arenberg family who demolished it before building the actual castle.

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