The Manoir de Roebé

The « De Roebé » Manor is a witness of the grand bourgeoisie of earlier times and aged 280 years. Today it hosts the services of the municipality.
The Manor was built by Pierre-Ernest Schramm, co-lord of Larochette, in 1725. At his death it went to his nephew and heir Jean-Théodore Heuardt, mayor of Lintgen.

The house stayed in the family until it was purchased by the Luxembourg state in 1994. In 2007 then, the municipality decided to refit it and move its services there. 

The name “de Roebé” comes from Marie-Antoine de Roebé who was married to Joséphine Heuardt, grandchild of Jean-Théodore. 

In 1725 Larochette was still surrounded by a wall, which had no military use but protected against robbers and other bandits. The Manor, surrounded by courts and garden, was built here to profit of a maximum sunshine. Besides there were 3 sources and 2 wells. 

On “Rue de Mersch”, just in front of the place of the former St Nicolas church, stands the original door of the Manor with the date 1725 and the arms of Pierre-Ernest Schramm. 


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