Victor Hugo in Larochette

The famous French poet Victor Hugo stayed in Larochette several times between 1862 and 1871. He used to have a room at Auberge Knaff, on Place Bleech, owned by Jean Knaff Fils who later became mayor and representative (today the building hosts the bank BGL BNP Paribas).

In August 1863 the music society performed him a small concert of which he will note in his diary: “ La Rochette à quatre heures ; revu la ruine ; après le dîner sérénade ; j’ai remercié ; j’ai dit en finissant : Je fais des vœux pour que le jour arrive où la musique régnera sur les âmes et l’harmonie entre les peuples »… (La Rochette at four o’clock ; revisited the ruins ; after the evening dinner a serenade ; I thanked and said : I wish for the moment when music will reign over all sould and harmony be between people)

Very famous is also the « repas d’excellentes écrevisses » (dinner of excellent rivercrayfish) he had during his stay in 1864.

On his last vacation here, Victor Hugo draw 3 pictures of the castle’s ruins.

Link to one of these drawings
Link to a photo offered to Jean Knaff

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