Ons Hémecht

Ons Hémecht (Our homeland), the national anthem of Luxembourg, has its origins in Larochette as it was composed by Jean-Antoine Zinnen on a text by Michel Lentz (1820-1893). It was produced the first time on 5th June 1864 at the constitution of the “General Music Society” of Luxembourg. The musicians of Larochette, Luxembourg, Vianden and Wiltz played it under the direction of Jean-Antoine Zinnen.

“Ons Hémecht” became the national anthem in 1895. A remembrance plaque honours the composer on “Square J.A. Zinnen” (in front of the church). The Zinnen family came from Neuerburg and moved to Larochette in the middle of the 19th century. Jean-Baptiste Zinnen, the father of the composer, was the director of the philharmonic society of Larochette. Jean-Antoine, born in 1827, became a military musician at 15, then director of the this music at 20, professor at the music academy of Luxembourg city at 25 and director of this institution at 29. Aged 36 he became the chef of the newly founded “General Musical Society” of Luxembourg. Jean-Antoine Zinnen died in 1898 in Neuilly near Paris. His corpse was transferred to the Saint Nicolas cemetery in Luxembourg in 1900. -

Text of “Ons Hémecht” – Listen to “Ons Hémecht” on http://lb.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ons_Heemecht.

Since 27. July 2003 "Ons Heemecht" is the official national anthem.  To celebrate the 20th anniversary, a 2 euro coin was especially edited.

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